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Why we do what we do
There's a better way to deliver legal solutions.
We're lawyering forward:
  • identifying your goals, 
  • strategizing action plans, and
  • using systems, proven processes, and technology to reach those goals diligently and efficiently
What we do
REAL ESTATE. We know that owning a piece of paradise is a big deal. There is only so much land available and your real estate is unique to you. Plus, Hawaii's real estate laws are complicated and love a challenge.
BUSINESS. We believe that businesses make the world a better place through the goods and services they provide. In Hawaii, we have the harshest business climate, so our services have a big impact by enabling companies to focus on what they do best.
PROBATE / ESTATES. And when the sun sets, we help heirs obtain title to the piece of paradise they inherit.
CONDO/HOA. Community associations make people's lives better and we help boards of directors enforce the governing documents, lead effectively, and more!
DISPUTE RESOLUTION. We counsel our clients with strategies to avoid litigation and disputes but, when it's necessary, our legal team is ready to prosecute or defend a lawsuit or arbitration.
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