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Business General Counsel

Legal Services Optimized. DeVries & Associates provides responsive representation, delivered with individualized service and unmatched value. Our attorneys have practiced in respected firms in California, Chicago, and New York. We are a team of seasoned legal professionals and industry experts, with pedigrees equal to those found at traditional large firms, but our highly innovative law firm structure enables us to serve your needs with maximum efficiency. We are committed to delivering top-quality legal service with predictable, value-driven billing arrangements.

Balancing Your Legal Needs With Business Realities. “I should have had my lawyer look at this before I signed—all of this could have been avoided.” We have heard this, or variations on this theme, many times. We understand, we get it, legal services are very expensive and it is often very hard to tell when outside counsel review or involvement is warranted, especially when the costs and exposure are unknown.

At DeVries & Associates, we know that every dollar spent on legal services is a lost opportunity to reinvest in your business. We also understand that you might like greater attention to be paid to your agreements, business arrangements, employment matters and operations, but you need to budget your legal spend rather than enter the realm of the unknown with every legal engagement. Our General Counsel Program offers a solution to the impersonal, “one-size-fits-all” approach that is over-used by traditional law firms.

What are General Counsel Services? You get a dedicated legal team who has taken the time to get to know your business and who will quarterback all legal issues that distract you from your core function—running your business. Think—a legal concierge at an affordable monthly cost that fits your budget. Alternatively, you might need skilled and reliable counsel for fixed scope of service using a customized engagement structure to meet your precise legal needs. We will design a legal engagement structure specifically for your unique business.

Leverage Our Experience. By working with our experienced attorneys, you will know with certainty when something really needs legal review or intervention!

To learn more, call us at (808) 465 - 2500 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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