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Preparing For Real Estate Litigation

The buying and selling of private and commercial properties is an integral part of the economy in Kailua Kona, Waikoloa, Waimea, Lahaina, Kihe, Kapolei, Pearl City, Honolulu, and throughout Hawaii. Regardless if they are investors looking to improve and re-sell, families searching for a dream home, or business owners scouting out the perfect location for their companies, the ebb and flow of the real estate market affects many people in various ways. When a real estate dispute arises, litigation is sometimes the only way to successfully resolve the issue.

Many developers find themselves facing challenges regarding purchase and sales agreements, zoning and entitlements. Lenders, on the other hand, are no strangers to disputes surrounding loan commitments, collateral recovery or defaults. Any of these situations may have both immediate and long-term negative effects if steps are not taken to find solutions in swift and economically feasible manners.

The details of disputes involving real estate are often complicated. Individual state laws may have significant bearing on the outcomes in many cases. Because real estate law is complex, it is advisable to seek clarification before pursuing any sort of formal legal action in court. In such circumstances, an experienced real estate attorney would likely prove valuable as resource for support.

DeVries & Associates serves clients throughout the state of Hawaii. We rely on our vast experience and proved record of success when addressing a real estate dispute. Our dedicated team of attorneys and support staff is committed to applying the same skill and effective representation to each and every client who comes to us seeking solutions to real estate problems.

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