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Your Business Attorney Can Help You Find Freedom in Your Company

You may think that hiring an attorney is the least liberating thing you can do in your business but the reality is, working with an attorney can be extremely liberating. Why? Well, most business owners go into business because they are looking for greater freedom and control in the work that they do and how they do it. The challenge is that once the business starts to grow, finding time to do the work that initially drew you to opening your own business can be a real challenge. You’ve got contracts to send clients, employees to hire, property to lease and tools to purchase. And what many business owners experience is that the further you get away from doing the work they love, the less freedom and joy they feel in their business.

How Can Partnering With a General Counsel Firm Help You Get More Freedom?

Hiring an attorney can help you get more freedom because your attorney can help you by putting the systems and processes in place to allow you to get back to the part of the business you really love. Attorneys at DeVries & Associates AAL, P.C., can help you with a number of different aspects of your business including:

Company Formation

As your business grows, you may find that the original legal entity you formed no longer meets your needs. At D & A, we can help you identify the best structure for your changing business and help you make any necessary changes to your current structure.


Getting the right A- team in place (whether employees or independent contractors) can help you get back to doing the work you really love. Our experienced business law attorneys can help you negotiate contracts, determine what classification is appropriate for each member of your team and create the other documents you need to protect yourself when working with other people.

Lease Negotiations

As your business grows, you may find that you need more physical space in order to continue to operate efficiently. Leasing commercial property can be challenging and stressful, but our experienced attorneys can help you negotiate a favorable lease and ensure that the property you select meets the needs of your growing business.

Contracts & More!

Whether you provide a service to your customers or sell products to them, you need good customer contracts. Legal guidance on contract drafting and review can be invaluable to a business owner. Allowing a business law attorney to focus on the legal implications of certain language allows you to do the work you love to do without worrying about whether or not your contract will create complications down the road.

So, by hiring an attorney you can leave the legal details to your business law attorney and get back to doing the things you love, whether it is software design, business coaching or selling custom baby clothes directly to consumers through your website. Having DeVries & Associates in your corner really can give you the freedom you crave!

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